Wisdom, wealth and prosperity for 2020: the Year of the Rat.

Lunar calendar series

The legend says that the Rat was the first animal that showed up when the Jade Emperor called all animals for appointing the zodiac signs. Therefore the Rat is the starting sign for the 12-years cycle.

The Rat is considered a symbol of wisdom, wealth and prosperity; people born under this sign have in fact no difficulties in managing their financial activities and turn unfortunate events into rather fruitful ones. In addition, in 2020 the Metal Rat (also called the Golden Rat) is taking over.

With his brand-new Lunar Calendar Series, a limited edition dedicated to collector’s market, Argor-Heraeus wants to make his tribute to this ancient tradition through his worldwide known guarantee and quality.

The number 999.9 fine gold bars is limited to 3.888 per size and available in 1oz – 10g – 1g.