Au début du mois d'avril 2019, la société Fundicion C.I.J. Gutierrez y Cia. SA, CO à Medellin, Colombie, et d'autres sources ont annoncé publiquement qu'une enquête sur les activités de la Fundicion Gutierrez
Come comunicato dalla Polizia cantonale in data 13.09.2019, questa notte, poco prima della 1:30, si è verificato un infortunio sul lavoro che ha visto coinvolto un nostro collaboratore

As one of the largest refineries and leading brands for investment bars on the market, Argor-Heraeus is committed to protecting its gold bars from counterfeiting.

The legend says that the Rat was the first animal that showed up when the Jade Emperor called all animals for appointing the zodiac signs. Therefore the Rat is the starting sign for the 12-years cycle.

Argor-Heraeus annonce l'introduction de nouvelles mesures plus strictes pour lutter contre les demandes frauduleuses de changement de coordonnées bancaires, une fraude de plus en plus utilisée par les cybercriminels comme astuce en vue du détournement de paiements.

TEMPUS FUGIT Time flies - escapes us even. In an age of haste and urgency, slowing down seems impossible and change occurs rapidly. Do we even notice it? 

The Argor-Heraeus prize for the best thesis was awarded to Luca Ambrosini e Oscar Scigliuzzo during the graduation ceremony of the Master of Science in Engineering at SUPSI.

More details in the enclosed press release (ITA).

Recently, some fake 100 gr. gold cast bars with Argor-Heraeus’ hallmark were sold in Turkey.

At the beginning of the new year, the team of the UK Embassy in Switzerland visited our facilities in Mendrisio. A visit that allowed us to illustrate our activities and to strengthen an important relationship. London is the world's largest market for wholesale gold; a market with which we have always worked closely to promote the sustainable development of the precious metals sector.