The 2021 AHSA Year of the ox limited series is now available!

Lunar calendar series

Legend has it that the Ox was the second to appear when the Jade Emperor summoned all animal species to name the signs of the zodiac.

The Ox is a highly valued animal in the Chinese culture. Strength, reliability, loyalty and tirelessness are only some of the qualities that distinguish it; people born under this sign have an honest nature, they have great patience, kindness and they are bound to the values of family and hard work.

According to the Chinese theory of the Lunar calendar, all the zodiac signs are associated with one of the five elements, each of which gives specific characteristics to its sign: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Next year is the turn of the Golden Ox, which comes once in a cycle of 60 years.

The Golden Oxes are always ready to help you and are respected for their good relations with others. Having the support of a reliable Golden Ox is clearly valuable, especially during these difficult times.

With the brand-new Lunar Calendar Series, a limited edition dedicated to the collector's market, Argor-Heraeus wishes to make its tribute to this ancient tradition through its worldwide known guarantee and quality.

The number of the 999.9 fine gold bars is limited to 3,888 per size and available in the sizes 1oz - 10g – 5g - 1g.