Statement from Argor-Heraeus on fake-branded bars


As one of the largest refineries and leading brands for investment bars on the market, Argor-Heraeus is committed to protecting its gold bars from counterfeiting.

Despite high security precautions, occasionally gold bars with fake embossing from Argor-Heraeus and other well-known refineries appear on the market. In order to prevent such counterfeits even better in the future and to ensure the highest bar integrity, Argor-Heraeus, with its extensive market experience, is currently working on alternative security technologies for cast investment bars. This is of high priority for us.

One of the technologies already used for embossed bars is the Kinegram, which is applied to the bars’ back. The Kinegram is one of the world's leading security technologies for protecting government documents and banknotes.

As in the past, we recommend our customers to purchase only newly produced gold bars from trusted sources, such as banks or certified dealers, and advise against buying bars from unknown dealers, on the Internet or from private individuals.