A tribute to the Swiss watchmaking industry


TEMPUS FUGIT Time flies - escapes us even. In an age of haste and urgency, slowing down seems impossible and change occurs rapidly. Do we even notice it? 

ARGENTUM MANET Silver remains. For over 6'000 years silver has been part of our culture. This coin is the composite of a limited edition of 1'000 pieces, the union of fleeting time and ever-lasting precious metal. Embedded in silver, minted as watch hands onto your coin, time finally stands still. The "watch" is an ambassador of our nation, revealing not only its country of origin, but symbolizing the Swiss standard of quality and precision, attributes by which our company operates. As it should be this round carries our stamp of creation.


  • It comes in a transparent capsule and a beautiful wooden collectors box
  • The worldwide mintage of the round is limited to 1’000 pieces
  • It is available only in 1kg size containing 999.9 Fine Silver 
  • The bottom drawer contains the serial-numbered certificate 
  • Swiss made round