Following nature 2020

Lunar calendar series

Spring is at our doorsteps and this means that for the fourth consecutive year, the time has come to share the Following Nature 2020 Collection.

This year's project has seen Argor Heraeus committed to seeking a more classic/vintage look and improving the bar engraving process: the focus from single subjects has shifted to seasonal landscapes and their typical symbolic animals, carefully selecting them in accordance with the most important seasonal holidays, for example: Spring-Rabbit (Easter) and Winter-Reindeer (Christmas).

To develop these new designs, a mix of innovation and tradition has been applied:
the encounter between the hands of some of the best etchers illustrators and the most advanced laser engraving technology allowed us to transform, for the first time, the surface of a bar into a new canvas. To enhance this special feature, the illustration is now visible on the front side of the bar and the AHSA logo is included with all the essential information (serial number, weight, fineness, AHSA logo etc.) on the reverse side.

The quantities produced has been reduced to 2000 pieces per size, in order to enable each of our customers the guarantee of owning a rare and truly unique #precious object. Available sizes are: 1g, 2g and 10g gold bars.