First Reduction of Measures from April 20th


In the press release of the Federal Council on the 16th of April 2020, followed immediately by the one of the Ticino authorities, it was announced that the restrictive measures previously applied for the limitation of the spread of the Coronavirus would be reduced.

With its strategy the Confederation intends to pursue as the first objective the safeguarding of the population and at the same time limit as much as possible damages to the economy. Canton Ticino has confirmed the state of necessity until the end of May and maintains active the special crisis status until at least the 26th of April.

ARGOR-HERAEUS complies and agrees fully with the measures announced by the Swiss and Ticino authorities. Within its facilities it will therefore manage this so-called “Phase 2”; by which commencing from April 20th, albeit at a reduced rate, will re-open all its production divisions.

Whereby the refining and investment bar activities remained partially open in the past two weeks, commencing from next week personnel from the semi-finished product division will also be present; still not operational with respect to customers, but will carry out preparation activities in view of the future reopening of the majority of the Swiss and Italian watch industry companies.

The respect of all hygiene and prevention measures, social distancing within and out of the company are, and will remain fundamental. A constant sensibilization of all personnel is and will be carried out on a regular basis. Administration and backoffice personnel will be available to customers, working from home office / remote locations when and where possible. Communication therefore remains active but still not fully operational.