Our work is not restricted to refining precious metals; we do more than that: we use the most advanced available technologies and provide our clients with the best possible service in terms of quality, speed and cost-effectiveness.

We only use sworn essayers, trained and supervised by the Swiss central office for the control of precious metals.


The gold refined by Argor-Heraeus does not just meet the minimum standards of LBMA Good Delivery in terms of purity (995.0 parts per thousand), but reaches so-called 4 nine (999.9 parts per thousand) fineness. For special applications such as electronic components, our refining processes permit achieving exceptional 999.99 purity.

Argor-Heraeus only works material already in metal form, which can come from mines, industrial scrap or recycled gold (e.g., old jewellery). In this latter area our counterparts can only be "institutional" operators able to overcome the rigid assessments imposed by the know your customer policy.


Like gold, in the case of silver, we do not limit our work to the production of metal to minimum LBMA standards (999.0 parts per thousand); our refinery reaches a purity level of 999.9 parts per thousand.

As with gold, the silver worked by Argor-Heraeus can come from primary production, i.e., from mining, or from the secondary market, i.e., scrap and recycling of old material provided by institutional clients.


Refined to the purity of 999.5, the platinum processed by Argor-Heraeus comes only from the secondary market, i.e., recycled materials.


Like platinum, the palladium refined by Argor-Heraeus does not come from mining but only from recycled materials. The purity reached in this case too is standard (999.5).