Precious Metals Services

Precious metals are commodities traded worldwide, 24 hours a day, on markets distinguished by particular pricing dynamics. Thanks to the services offered, Argor-Heraeus’ clients have access to international gold, silver, platinum and palladium markets, and benefit from constantly updated information, competitive sales order execution and a whole range of financial services.

We also provide a complete range of services tied to physical business: transport, insurance, location swaps, quality swaps, and the transformation of metals in any form (including scrap) into internationally accepted Good Delivery material or into semi-finished products for industry.

Purchases/Sales (Spot and Forward)

Argor-Heraeus quotes spot and forward prices in gold, silver, platinum and palladium in all major currencies. Metal deposits can be made on “allocated” or “non-allocated” accounts at the client’s bank or c/o Argor-Heraeus itself.

Our policy consists in providing all services in-house with utmost cost-assessment transparency. Hence the price typically includes costs of production, management and any other agreed service.


Argor-Heraeus is able to provide hedging facilities for the precious metal during the entire production process.