For over 65 years, our mission has been to represent a point of reference for our clients within the precious metal value chain. We provide our clients with what we call precious solutions, comprehensive and personalized solutions for refining gold, silver, platinum and palladium, the manufacture of products for watchmaking and luxury jewellery and for the physical trading of precious metals.

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We make use of cutting-edge precious metal refining and working technologies, so as to provide our clients with the very best possible yield.

Bars & Coins

Our products are the result of a perfect mix of technology, art, care for detail and close focus on the client’s needs.

Luxury Solutions

Argor-Heraeus is a market leader in the development of high value-added products for watchmaking and luxury jewellery in Switzerland.

Precious Metals Services

Thanks to the services provided, Argor-Heraeus clients have access to international gold, silver, platinum and palladium markets and benefit from constantly updated information.